Rating: 3

This was a cool movie. I had been wanting to see it ever since I spoke with one of my cousins who was a fan of the T.V. series and said it was similar to Star Wars and he really liked it. There was a good message in the film that emphasized that if you don't have something worth fighting for, something you believe in, you are wasting your life away. You have no desire to help others, you become very selfish and end up hurting more people than you realize. When you fight for a worthy cause, it is easier to forget yourself and work on building up those around you.

It was worth the watch, but had some parts that really made me uncomfortable in it dealing with graphic violence. One of the character's brutally kills people on behalf of the government. I'm OK with the battle scenes, but a graphic cold blooded murder can be done without. Maybe the director felt the need to display the ruthlessness of the government officials, but I did not feel good watching it. I hope I never feel good watching something like that. Desensitization may allow you to enjoy more media, but it keeps you from enjoying that which is clean and uplifting. Don't ever fall for the excuse that, "I'm surrounded by sin at work and on the news, anywhere I am, there's nothing in this I haven't already seen." Nephi describes a similar situation in which his brothers were found as being "past feeling."

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