Dan in Real Life


Rating: 4

This was a great movie. It had good humor, a good message, and was very down to earth. Steve Carrell's character was a bit unbelievable, but he put on a good show. We did feel good after watching it. There is a little innuendo and conversation that kept this movie from getting a 5. One of the reasons I felt it was an uplifting movie was that it did a good job of showing how hard it is to raise kids with only one parent and the importance of keeping a balance in life.

I found myself constantly wondering if my little girl would turn out like the second oldest daughter, and could not imagine how I would react if that were to happen! I know I'd love her and try my hardest to teach her well, but it would be difficult. I don't think this issue was properly addressed in the movie. The father basically concedes to his daughter that it is possible to fall in love with someone in three days. I'm sure Dan didn't let his daughter go off with her boyfriend, but he didn't seem to have any foundation on which to base his decision that the relationship should not progress. Hopefully a moral foundation exists in homes that teach when it is appropriate to allow such feelings to grow and when such feelings should be bridled.


Rating: 4

Luke said it all! It had such a nice easy-going feel to it and was super clean (minus a few comments and innuendos...so slight a filter may be overkill). I agree completely with Luke on the situation with the daughter and did not like the parallel portrayed between the adult relationship and that of the 13-year-old! It was refreshing to not have a dysfunctional family, but rather see a happy, loving, and supportive one who had great activities for family reunions! I would definitely recommend it.

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